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Understanding Contract Deadlines

When a home Buyer makes an offer to purchase a property, and the Seller accepts their offer, the property is then considered to be “Under Contract” during the home buying/selling process (keyword: process). An “offer” to purchase a property is actually a purchase contract called a "Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate". The Seller… Continue reading Understanding Contract Deadlines

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Offer Accepted! Now what?!

Congratulations! Your offer was accepted! But what happens now? When your offer is accepted, it's time for more paperwork and signatures! There are also numerous deadlines you’ll need to be aware of. Your Realtor should help you stay on top of your deadlines and keep your real estate transaction on track.  Here are the 10… Continue reading Offer Accepted! Now what?!

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Offer

In a seller’s market where you’re up against other buyers, you want to submit a strong offer that will stand out from the rest. When preparing your offer to purchase a property, you should know that there are multiple ways to strengthen your offer aside from a higher purchase price or offering to pay for certain closing… Continue reading 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Offer